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Each of our windows and doors are built-to-order and uniquely

crafted to each project’s specifications, providing options and

configurations that can be geared toward design solutions for

commercial projects. Our technical specialists can help provide

support on various aspects of your commercial project.



Our reputation of producing high-end windows and doors with

attention to intricate details lends itself perfectly to historical

renovation projects. Our products are designed to marry traditional

design aesthetics with new advances in technology, and we offer

numerous options to restore beauty to your project. In addition to

providing striking design aesthetics, Kolbe can work with you to

meet building codes and historical district requirements.



The Kolbe Difference

We’re well-known for our custom capabilities and have worked with many architects to build unique windows and doors.

So, whether you’re envisioning windows or doors in a special wood species, looking to bring a historical building back to

a state of beauty, or planning an unusual shape or grille pattern, we will work with you to find the perfect solution for your


Kolbe windows and doors are available with a wide

variety of glass options to meet your energy needs in any

climate. In fact, many Kolbe products meet or exceed



guidelines in most climate zones while

reducing energy costs for home and business owners.



Years of innovation at Kolbe have led to products with great

design flexibility for high-end residential construction. Whether it’s

renovation or new construction, we offer products ready to add

your signature style into your home. Your design reflects not only

an architectural style, but also your individualism – from colonial

to contemporary, Kolbe has the products to help you express





Kolbe Heritage Series