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Swinging screen doors are available for field installation

with Kolbe single and double inswing doors. Screen

doors feature an adjustable self-closing mechanism.

Double swinging screen doors are equipped with

spring-loaded locking mechanisms on the head and

sill of the passive door. Energy efficiency is provided

by weatherstripping around the frame perimeter and

on the astragal of double screen doors; rubber door

sweeps meet the sill. Swinging screen door frames

are available in over 30 colors, plus custom colors.

Keystones and pediment heads add a classic touch

to the exterior of Heritage Series windows or doors.

Pine keystones and pediment heads may be ordered

unfinished, primed or prefinished with K-Kron II to

match your windows or doors. Ask your Kolbe dealer

for more details.


Pediment Head

Most Kolbe products can

be modified to meet even

the most strict building code

requirements. Depending on

the criteria, Kolbe offers high

performance and K-Force


impact performance products

to improve air, water and structural ratings or sound

transmittance ratings. With each level of modification,

window and door strength is enhanced. This could

be by using additional sash locks, alternate glazing

methods or K-Force impact laminated glass. Contact

your Kolbe dealer for further details.







Options & Accessories

Swinging Screen Doors

As standard, glazing beads have a beveled profile, but

may also be ordered with a square or ovolo profile.

Matching muntin bars are available on units with true

divided lites (TDL), performance divided lites (PDL)

and wood removable grilles. Units ordered with TDL

and PDL will have ovolo muntin bars on the interior

and beveled muntin bars on the exterior regardless of

the profile chosen for the interior.

(See divided lite cross section

drawings on pgs. 180-181.)

Glazing Beads & Muntin Bars

Product Performance


Keystones & Pediment Heads

192 Kolbe Heritage Series