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“pencil” bars

contour bars

flat bars

Grilles-in-the-airspace are constructed with

aluminum bars sealed between two panes of

insulating glass, offering the look of divided

panes while reducing cleaning time. For units

with 7/8" insulating glass, contoured, 3/4"

wide bars are standard in White, Beige, Sand,

Rustic, Hartford Green and Chutney. Optional

colors are light wood and dark wood faux

finishes. Flat, 5/8" wide grille bars are also

available in White, Beige, Sand, Rustic, Hartford

Green, Chutney, light wood and dark wood

faux finishes and Brass. Two-tone contour or

flat grilles are available with either light or dark

wood faux finishes to the interior and White to

the exterior. Also available for 7/8" insulating

glass are 5/16" wide Brass and Pewter pencil



Wood grilles are built with a full surround frame

and bars that interlock at the joints for stability.

Grilles are applied to the interior of the window

using an exclusive hidden clip system.* This

system makes unsightly pins and attachment

points unnecessary and removal or replacement

easy. As standard, bars are constructed of

unfinished pine and are 7/8" wide on windows

and 1-1/8" wide on doors. Custom grille

patterns, bar widths, wood species and interior

stains may be available upon request.

* A clear pin system will be used for Garden-Aire sliding patio


Wood Removable Grilles


Kolbe Heritage Series