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Square panels and glass lites

Square panels and arch-top glass lites

Square, beaded 2-panel Arch-top beaded 2-p anel

Square 2-panel

Arch-top 2 panel

PA 4661-6

PA 4662-3

PA 4662-6

PA 4982

PA 4661-3

PR 4661-6

PR 4662-3

PR 4662-6

PR 4982

PR 4661-3

PL 4082

S 4082

T 4082

R 4082

Craftsman Door Panel Designs

Square Panels and Glass Lites

Square Panels and Arch-Top Glass Lites

Square, Beaded 2-Panel

Arch-Top, Beaded 2-Panel

Square 2-Panel

Arch-Top 2-Panel

NOTE: All measurements are nominal. Elevation drawings are not to scale.

Some installation procedures will require a larger rough opening than noted (i.e. installations utilizing our installation clips), therefore, you may need to increase the rough

opening size accordingly. Rough opening gaps may be increased up to a maximum of 1/2" on all sides and still be within good practice guidelines. For rough opening

recommendations, see pg. 196.


To order, specify Craftsman Collection, the number shown, as well as inswing or outswing operation. If ordering single doors, specify right or left hinging.

Craftsman Collection Panel Designs

178 Kolbe Heritage Series