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NOTE: All measurements are nominal.

Minimum panel height is 72", minimum panel width is 23-3/4", maximum panel height is 120" and maximum panel width is 39-3/8".




1-3/4" thick sash


6-9/16" minimum jamb width


Folding doors feature LVL locking stiles; stiles and

top rails are a nominal 4-5/8" wide; bottom rail is a

nominal 7-9/16" high


Frame setup up to 177" wide x 106" tall; all others

knocked down


Constructed of pine with pine interior stops


All exterior wood parts are preservative-treated


Exterior frame is latex primed


Energy efficient, insulating LoE


-270 glass


glass is standard on folding doors)

Folding Door Standard Features

Handles for Folding Doors with Concealed Shoot Bolts

Folding panels with concealed shoot bolts are available with handles in two styles, Uno

and Aria. Uno handles are available in Dull (Brushed) Chrome


and Matte Black.

Aria handles are available in Bright Brass, Chrome, Dull (Brushed) Chrome



Matte Black.


Glazed to the interior with beveled wood glazing beads


Fully weatherstripped for a tight seal


Bronze weep sill


Grooved guide rollers with adjustable, ball-bearing

wheels carry the folding panels


Multi-point mortise latch with handle set in a Bright

Brass finish


Face-mounted flush bolt locking hardware on folding



Thick oak interior threshold

Handles for Swinging Doors

Folding doors can have a swinging door for easy access. The swinging door features a

Toronto handle set as standard; other optional handle styles include, München, Dallas

and Verona. Swinging door hardware is available in numerous colors; see page 136 for

handle style photos.

Lock Bolts for Folding Doors

Flush Bolt

As standard, folding doors have

surface-mounted flush bolts

factory-applied. Sizes available

include 7-1/2", 17-23/32", 23-5/8"

or 39".

(shown in Matte Black; also available in

Bright Brass, Chrome and Satin Nickel)

Concealed Shoot Bolt

Additionally, folding doors with

concealed shoot bolts are

available with an Uno or Aria

handle set






Breathe in the fresh air, add architectural interest and merge outdoor and indoor space by using folding doors. Choose from

a variety of operating styles: doors that swing out, fold to one side, or split and fold to either side.

134 Kolbe Heritage Series