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1-3/4" thick sash


Overall jamb width is 4-9/16"; 5-9/16" for Magnum

radius units

(basic box width matches the unit being complemented)


3" straight legs on half-circles


Constructed of pine, with pine interior stops and

wood mull casings on mulled units


Energy efficient, insulating LoE


-270 glass

1-15/16" brickmould

applied as standard

NOTE: All measurements are nominal.

Radius Standard Features


Glazing is sash set to the interior with beveled wood

glazing beads


1-15/16" exterior brickmould applied


All exterior wood parts are preservative-treated


Exterior frame and sash are latex primed


Fully weatherstripped for a tight seal



Kolbe makes radius windows in stand-alone full circles, half-circles, quarter-circles, elliptical, ovals and custom shapes.

Half-circle or elliptical windows can be stacked over other Kolbe windows and doors to create larger window walls. We

build our radius windows to order so that their profiles match those of the windows they complement.

116 Kolbe Heritage Series