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Performance Divided Lites

Kolbe’s performance divided lite (PDL) glazing system gives

the appearance of true divided lites without sacrificing

energy efficiency. Extruded aluminum bars are adhered to

the exterior and wood bars to the interior of the single lite

of insulating glass. Aesthetically-pleasing spacer bars are

installed within the insulating glass unit. Together, these

bars create the illusion of true divided lites.

Glass Options


When the weather turns frigid, LoE-180 glass is the

perfect cold remedy. It keeps homes warmer and more

comfortable by blocking heat loss to the outside and

letting the sun’s heat stream in to increase solar heat



Wherever glare is a problem, LoE²-240 glass is a solution

to maintain year-round comfort in warmer climates.

In summer, it blocks oppressive solar heat gain and

maintains cool glass temperatures. When winter rolls

around, it keeps inside glass temperatures warm.


LoE²-270 glass delivers year-round comfort in most

types of weather. Offering a balance of high clarity and

low solar heat gain, LoE


-270 is standard in most Kolbe

products. In summer, it rejects the sun’s heat and

damaging UV rays. In winter, it reflects heat back into the



For warm climates, LoE³-366 delivers a balance of solar

control and high visibility. This coating helps provide

protection of fading, blocking up to 95% of the sun’s

damaging rays.

ThermaPlus LoE

ThermaPlus LoE is an additional interior coating applied

to help meet the strictest energy requirements and

provide protection against heat loss and UV damage.

Triple-Pane Glass

Triple-pane glass provides a greater energy performing

window that keeps indoor air warm and comfortable,

prevents heat loss and lowers your heating bills. Available

with a variety of LoE coatings that best suit your needs.

Mountain Air Energy Package

Specifically designed to meet a U-factor of .30 without

argon gas. Consists of a specially-constructed frame,

second-generation ThermaPlus glass with LoE³-366 and

a capillary/breather tube within the insulating glass unit.

Available on Crank-Out Casements and Awnings, Sterling

Double Hungs, and Studio/Picture, Transom and Direct Set

units to match Crank-Out Casements and Sterling Double



A protective film that protects the glass surfaces from

scratches during transit and construction, as well as

reducing the time involved in job site clean-up.

Tinted, Colored or Patterned

Provides shading, privacy or visual interest.

Finely Crafted Glass

(not available with argon gas)

Decorative glass created with a variety of caming options.


Standard in Kolbe doors to address safety concerns. Also

available in window units to meet specific building codes.


Benefits include safety, security, sound control and

providing the ultimate in UV blockage.


Glazing utilized to withstand harsh environmental

conditions, especially in coastal regions. Combined with

an impact product, such as K-Force


, this product offers

the highest level of security.



Harnesses the sun’s UV rays to loosen dirt so water can

rinse it away, leaving windows virtually spotless. A special

sputter-coating process makes the exterior glass surface

ultra smooth, so the water “sheets off” more readily than it

would on uncoated glass, allowing you to spend less time


True Divided Lites

True divided lites (TDL) give each unit a traditional look. Units

with TDL are comprised of wood muntin bars in between

individual glass panels. The exterior finish on the bars will

match the exterior finish of the unit. Depending on glass

options choosen, standard bar widths are available in 7/8"

or 1-1/8". TDL glass units are not argon gas filled.

Also available:

Grilles-in-the-airspace & removable

wood grilles.

Glass & Divided Lite Options

Divided Lite Options

NOTE: Not all glass is available on all series. Please contact your Kolbe dealer for specifics.

LoE-180, LoE


-240, LoE


-270, LoE


-366, Neat and Preserve are trademarks of Cardinal IG.

LoE insulating glass with a stainless steel spacer bar carries a 20-year warranty. Not all glass

options listed have the same glass warranty. Please contact your dealer for details.


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