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Standard Panels

Solid Panel Door Styles

Panel doors come in many designs and sizes and can be painted and stained to coordinate with your home. Textured panels

are available in Oak grain, either unfinished, factory-stained, or factory-painted with K-Kron II, a high performance exterior

coating. Smooth panels are available unfinished or factory-painted.

Composite Top & Bottom Rails

High-strength engineered composite top and bottom rails prevent moisture from seeping into the door.

Won’t Crack, Rot, Split or Warp

Our high-impact compression molded skins will not splinter, warp or rot. Our deep-profile fiberglass skins create stronger

dimensions and crisper shadow lines. Architecturally correct stile and rail proportions enhance the door’s traditional


Polyurethane Foam Core

The environmentally friendly polyurethane core used in our doors provides high insulation properties.

Divided Lite Options


Grilles-in-the-airspace are constructed with aluminum bars sealed between two panes

of insulating glass, offering the look of divided panes while reducing cleaning time. For

units with insulating glass, contoured, 3/4" wide bars are standard in White, Beige, Sand,

Rustic, Hartford Green and Chutney. Optional colors are light wood and dark wood faux

finishes. Flat, 5/8" wide grille bars are also available in White, Beige, Sand, Rustic, Hartford

Green, Chutney, light wood and dark wood faux finishes and Brass. Two-tone contour or

flat grilles are available with either light or dark wood faux finishes to the interior and White

to the exterior. Also available are 5/16" wide brass or pewter “pencil” bars.

Not all options are available for all products. Please contact your Kolbe dealer for details.







Performance Divided Lites

Kolbe’s performance divided lite (PDL) glazing system gives the appearance of true

divided lites without sacrificing energy efficiency. Bars are adhered to the exterior and

interior of the single lite of insulating glass*, with aesthetically-pleasing spacer bars within

the insulating glass unit. PDL are available in 5/8", 7/8", 1-1/8", 1-3/4", 2-1/4" or 4-1/2"

bar widths. PDL bars used on Standard textured panels will be Oak wood species on

the interior and exterior. PDL bars used on Standard smooth panels will be primed or

painted to match the interior or exterior of the door panel. Standard doors with the PDL

option will have a wood saddle using the same species and/or finish guidelines as above.

Variations on the PDL option may include custom divided lite patterns, bar widths, or no

spacer bars.

* Some intricate designs and coastal applications may have a composite material for the exterior PDL bar.

Fiberglass Doors