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Divided Lites

Expand the character of your home or project by adding one of our divided lite options to your doors. Choose anything

from a traditional, colonial-style pattern to a unique, custom design to accentuate the overall appearance of your

project. Kolbe offers four types of divided lites: performance divided lites, true divided lites, wood removable grilles, and

grilles-in-the-airspace. As standard, wood bars have a beveled profile, however, an ovolo profile or a square profile are

also available. Numerous bar widths are available as well, from 5/8" to 4-1/2". Custom sizes and patterns can help give

your door the perfect finishing touch.

Profile Options

Glazing Beads

As standard, glazing beads have a beveled profile, but may also be ordered with an ovolo or square profile.

Beveled Profile

Ovolo Profile

Square Profile


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