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The entrance door is a defining feature of your home, and can give guests the first impression of

your unique style. At Kolbe, our craftspeople create each door by hand, custom building to each

design envisioned. No matter the style of your home, we can build a one-of-a-kind door that fits

your unique style.

With our large selection of wood and aluminum clad doors, you are sure to find the perfect door to

complete your design. Choose from a variety of colors, stains, brickmoulds, and divided lite styles

to suit your needs. Pick a glass option that fits your environment, or choose finely crafted glass for

beautiful designs.

On the next pages, you’ll see photos and sketches of doors we’ve created – but don’t let these

limit your imagination. Kolbe entrance doors, created to fit your home, are sure to make a grand

statement – talk to your Kolbe dealer to design the door that is right for you.


Kolbe Entrance Doors