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Kolbe’s Commercial Capabilities

Most components used in Kolbe products are sourced from within

500 miles of our factory, proving we are committed to maintaining

ecological sustainability. The species available for our wood

products are renewable resources sourced from managed forests,

while our aluminum cladding contains 50-75% recycled content and

our standard glass contains 25-30% recycled content. In addition,

we have achieved FSC


Chain-of-Custody certification (FSC

license code FSC-C019541).





impact modifications are available on a number of Kolbe

windows and doors. K-Force products are specially designed with

the strength and durability to withstand hurricane force winds and

flying debris, and are independently tested to meet or exceed strict

building codes in coastal regions. There are no unsightly rods or

extra locks to fasten, so Kolbe’s impact-certified products offer the

same beautiful appearance as non-impact products.



For almost 70 years, Kolbe products have been all about

customization. We offer many options for our windows and doors,

including different wood species, custom divided light patterns,

tailor-made shapes, and many interior and exterior finishes to

perfectly complement the design aesthetic of any project. We’re

known worldwide for our custom capabilities and have worked

with many architects to build distinctive windows and doors – we

can help bring your most innovative ideas to life.



Universal design is the concept of creating spaces that are

accessible and comfortable for individuals of diverse physical ability

levels. Kolbe offers options for a variety of windows and doors that

are not only designed to make independent living possible, but to

do it with quality, style and flexibility. Kolbe’s options such as sill

ramps, motorized operators, larger cranks and lever door handles

can help make independent living easier.