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Impact Products

Specially developed with great strength and durability to withstand

hurricane force winds and flying debris, our impact products are

designed to have the same beautiful appearance for which other Kolbe

products are known. No unsightly brackets or visible rods that hold

the sash in place; no extra locks to fasten in order for the units to

provide exceptional performance against the elements. K-Force impact

products are independently tested to meet or exceed the strict building

codes of coastal regions. In fact, some Ultra casements with impact

modifications have achieved design pressure ratings of up to 85 psf.

Exterior Brickmould & Casings

Whether you choose wood, clad or vinyl products, we have many

exterior brickmould, casing and nosing profiles. If your project demands

a unique touch or historical accuracy, we can create custom profiles

for most of our products. The trim options are color-matched to

the windows as standard. But, for added interest, ask for a color

combination between the trim, frames and sash.

Brickmould, casing, and sill nosing are factory-applied as standard to

Heritage Series products for convenience on the jobsite. For Ultra and

Latitude Series products, brickmould may be ordered factory-applied or

it may be field-applied by snapping it into the integral accessory grooves.

Fully-Aligned Sight Lines

Most of Kolbe’s complementary units are sash set as standard. This

means that, in most instances, the sight lines of windows and doors

will align with the transom or radius windows stacked above. Plus, if

you choose one of our divided lite options, the bars will align between

mulled and stacked units as well. No more “unpleasant surprises”

when you stand back to admire the project you’ve worked so hard to

complete. Kolbe also offers direct set transom and radius units.

Product Options

Kolbe’s Commercial Capabilities