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The commercial-grade window and door designs within Kolbe’s Teutonic Series lead the industry in thermal performance,

allowing you to create building envelopes with large window-to-wall ratios that minimize energy loss while reducing

condensation, enhancing security and improving acoustic control. The energy performance of the Teutonic Series is simply

outstanding, with glass options available to reach total U-values as low as 0.17 for a fixed window. These performance

attributes make the Teutonic Series an attractive alternative to all-aluminum systems.

Energy Performance

The energy performance of the Teutonic Series is simply outstanding, with glazing

options available that can achieve energy performance ratings up to R5, with

U-values as low as 0.20 for a tilt-turn product and 0.17 for a fixed window. The

results of using these products in commercial buildings can be seen in lesser

HVAC loads and lower heating/cooling costs. The compression seal technology

that is used in the design and construction of these products provides a tighter

building envelope which also helps improve the building’s overall performance.

By visiting the professional library at

and utilizing


Energy Database Search

, you can determine what product achieves the

highest level of energy performance for your application and geographic location.

Based on the product and glass options you choose, the

Energy Estimator


calculate the energy savings on a commercial building. It allows for the input of

information on comparative windows, glazing square footage, and energy costs to

calculate an estimated amount of savings that could be realized with the Teutonic


Sustainable Design

Whether using Teutonic Series products in new construction or replacing older

aluminum products, the benefits of using these high-performing windows and

doors are numerous. The purposeful and practical design of steel-reinforced,

thick-wall uPVC frame and sash members provides the core of its strength and

functionality in a sustainable building. The uPVC material provides a very long

service life and can resist fading over the lifetime of the product. The Teutonic

Series can also contribute towards points within the LEED


Rating System.

Commercial Ratings

The Teutonic Series meets many of the same structural performance values that aluminum systems provide, yet far

exceeds aluminum on thermal performance. This is accomplished through the unique design and engineering of the series:

Specialty Products: Teutonic



Size Tested

DP Rating

Tilt-turn window

48" X 71"


Fixed window

60" X 99"


Tilt & Slide door

95" X 83"


Outswing door

72" X 96"



Fusion-welded corners enhance structural strength and offer a cleaner finish


Dual overlapping neoprene gaskets provide a tight seal against air and water infiltration


Galvanized steel-reinforced chambers increase structural integrity and performance

Kolbe’s Commercial Capabilities