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Specialty Products: Double Hungs

Double Hungs Beyond the Ordinary

Kolbe offers double hungs to meet virtually every application, from old world aesthetics to massive sizes. Majesta and

Sterling double hungs have concealed jamb liners, traditional design, and are available as either Heritage wood or Ultra

extruded aluminum clad units.



Double Hung

Majesta double hungs are designed for massive openings and can reach sizes

of up to 6' x 12'. They offer exceptional performance ratings against air, water

& structural forces. Units can meet a rating of CW-PG65 for units up to 56" x

96" and LC-PG65 for units up to 60" x 120". Despite the large sizes, Class 5

balances help them operate smoothly.

Sterling Double Hung

U.S. Patents 7,296,381; 7,448,164; 8,196,355 & 8,429,856

Sterling double hungs feature a patented interior wood cover to conceal the

jambliner, while giving windows a rich, full-wood appearance. The lock system

boosts performance to a level not often reached by double hung windows – they

can meet a rating of LC-PG65 and an impact rating of IPD4. Plus, Ultra Sterling

double hungs have attained HVHZ (High-Velocity Hurricane Zone) certification in

Florida. Class 5 balances can be incorporated to offer larger size units.

Old World Classic

Heritage Series Old World Classics are old-style wood chain & pulley windows.

They have brass pulley systems, solid brass chains, and alloyed weights. This

allows incredibly easy operation, due to the proportional balance between the

sash and weights. Choose from single, double or triple hungs. Ogee lugs can be

integrated into the top sash stiles for historical authenticity.

At Kolbe, we care about the big picture as well as the smallest detail. We’re constantly innovating to provide products that

push the limits of what’s possible. Numerous specialty products are available to help take your project to new performance


Kolbe’s Commercial Capabilities