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University of Minnesota

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Ultra Series extruded aluminum clad Sterling double hungs with 70% PVDF fluoropolymer high

performance exterior finish in a custom color and White Oak interior wood species with a

custom color, factory-applied stain.

A fixture on the National Register of Historic Places, the University of Minnesota’s Folwell Hall

underwent three years of extensive renovation in an effort to restore the grandeur of its 1907

Jacobethan architecture. In the 1980s, the building’s original wood windows were replaced with

a basic, aluminum system, which were not true to the intended historical architectural details.

In their place, over 500 Ultra Series Sterling double hungs were installed with custom aluminum

panning to reestablish the original architectural vision. Custom safety options such as sash

limiters, custodial locks and tempered glass were added to many of the units.


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