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We’re for the visionaries.

We’re for people who take

building to new levels.

We’re for people who are passionate about design,

who care about the big picture and the smallest detail.

We’re for people who aren’t satisfied with mainstream

options. They push the limits of what’s possible with

the options, innovations and custom solutions that

can only be found in Kolbe windows and doors.

We’re for quality craftsmanship.

We’re for a tradition of excellence that outlasts

the latest design fad. The Kolbe story began

with a family and a vision. Almost 70 years after

the Kolbe brothers began their commitment to

producing premium quality windows and doors,

products bearing their family name can be found

in some of North America’s most impressive


We’re for possibilities.

We’re for people who don’t want to compromise their vision to fit

anyone else’s idea of “standard.” We’re for handmade touches

and virtually limitless options that can’t be found within the aisles

of a home center.

At Kolbe, each product is truly built to order. Our team members

are craftsmen who focus on building one window or door at a

time, so they can create custom-built products to fulfill your vision.

We’re for innovation.

We’re for people who want to take building to

new levels of performance, with advancements

in not only extraordinary sizes and shapes, but

also ground breaking products. We’re for creative

thinking that redefines what’s possible.

Only Kolbe builds windows and doors that do

the things you dream about. We’re constantly

reimagining our windows and doors to take

building to new levels.

Let us bring your vision to life.

We’re for expertise.

We’re for people who dream of a personalized design

experience. That’s why you can’t find Kolbe windows

and doors in the aisles of a home center. You can only

purchase our products from a Kolbe dealer, because

Kolbe dealers are as passionate about windows and

doors as you are about bringing your vision to life.

Leave the details in the hands of a Kolbe window

specialist. They’ll work with you to make your dream

a concrete reality.