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Window screens no longer have to obscure your view

with Kolbe’s retractable screen for Ultra Series crank-

out casements & awnings. You choose when you want

to use the screen; the rest of the time it is hidden away

from sight. Wood components that match the interior

wood species and finish disguise the screen hardware,

revealing only the beauty of the window. When you want

to open your window and use the screen, operation is

practically effortless. Simply press the pull bar down to

the sill to engage the screen. A gentle push toward the

exterior allows the screen to retract.

The retractable screen is available factory-applied on

Ultra Series crank-out casements & awnings, crank-out

EP casements & awnings, and crank-out XL awnings.

The retractable screen is also available as a kit for

installation in the field, including on previously-installed

windows. As standard, screens have BetterVue


fiberglass mesh and a Rustic colored hardware

cartridge. Wood components are available in a variety of

wood species to match the unit and can be prefinished

or field-finished.

Certain limitations apply for the smallest and largest

window sizes that the retractable screen is available

for. Contact your local Kolbe dealer to learn more about

retractable screens for crank-out casements & awnings.

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Kolbe & Kolbe Millwork Co., Inc. reserves the right to change specifications without notice.


Printed on recycled paper

Retractable Screens for Crank-Out Casements & Awnings

Effortless Operation, Open View

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