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Educational Building Projects

A massive mulled unit at the University of Virginia, Bavaro Hall includes a half-circle radius, six custom radius windows stacked around/above it, and PDL bars in a custom pattern.

  • A massive mulled unit at the University of Virginia, Bavaro Hall includes a half-circle radius, six custom radius windows stacked around/above it, and PDL bars in a custom pattern.
  • Westhampton Free Library features Ultra Series crank-out casements, awnings & Sterling double hungs upgraded with K-Force impact resistance. Learn more about this <a href="">project</a>.
  • Ultra Series windows and doors create a view that extends from floor to ceiling. This Riverside Military Academy expansion project included double hungs, outswing doors, and segment head studio units. <a href="">More photos</a>
  • Founded in 1967, The Lab School of Washington serves children and adults with learning disabilities. The architect, Bowie Gridley Architects, P.L.L.C., used Kolbe double hung replacement sash kits for the renovation in 1998.
  • Over 130 Ultra Series Sterling Double Hung windows bring an array of natural light in to the Bavaro Hall at The University of Virginia. FSC certified wood was used, and the exterior & interior of the windows and doors were finished with a custom color.
  • Built in 1898, Miller Hall is one of the oldest buildings at the University of Kentucky.  Kolbe windows were chosen for the 1994 renovation, due to our ability to replicate all the characteristics of the original arched windows, while providing greater energy efficiency.  <a href="">Learn more</a>
  • Kolbe\'s Heritage Series Old World Classic double hung is the perfect window for projects dedicated to historical renovation.  True divided lites, custom finish color, custom trim and special wood species are just a few features of these custom-built units at the University of Virginia, Rouss Hall.
  • The windows of University of Minnesota, Folwell Hall were updated with new, energy efficient Sterling double hungs.  This will assist the college on saving money on heating & cooling costs. <a href=>Project Profile</a>
  • Sterling double hung windows enhance the interior of Folwell Hall at the University of Minnesota.  The interior of these Ultra Series windows were finished with a custom color, factory-applied stain. We offer interior prefinishing with water-based, low-VOC stains and paints for our products, saving you the hassle of field-application, clean-up and disposal.
  • Sutton Hall at Indiana University of Pennsylvania was built in 1879 and was recently restored using Kolbe Heritage Series products. The project architect specified Kolbe products due to our vast array of custom features. <a href="">More photos</a>
  • Huge Magnum triple hung windows at the University of Virginia, Monroe Hall, topped by half-circle radius windows.
  • Custodial locks are are useful for security purposes, especially on the first floor of commercial buildings, as well as for energy reasons, so non-authorized people are unable to unlock and open the window. they can be disabled with a special driver bit to remove the device, which is installed as part of the lock. It is sold as a kit for field application to Sterling double hungs after they have been installed and finished, or to previously-installed Sterling double hungs. It is available in colors to complement our existing lock colors.

Kolbe Offers Solutions for Educational Building Projects:

Whitepaper: Windows & Doors' Contribution to Educational Institution Excellence
  • Vast array of products to address aesthetics & performance projects require
  • Offer solutions to meet original design intent
  • Wide variety of options, including custodial locks, sash limiters, custom trim profiles and special species
  • Optimal energy efficient products save money on heating & cooling, helping control costs
  • Assistance with LEED, green-build, and sustainable project needs
  • FSC-certified wood available for many of our products

Kolbe windows and doors are the perfect choice for virtually any educational project, whether it involves new construction, historic replication or restoration.  Craftsmanship and artistry are hallmarks of Kolbe products. 

Whether your project includes a unique shape, an unusual grille pattern or trim option, or even historically correct features, Kolbe can help create your vision.  After all, we build each unit according to your specifications, and we pay exceptional attention to detail.  We back up our products with warranties, including a 30-year finish warranty on our Ultra Series clad products.

Sustainable Design
Many components used in Kolbe products are sourced within 500 miles of our factory, proving we are committed to maintaining ecological sustainability. 

The species available for our wood products are renewable resources sourced from managed forests, while our aluminum cladding contains 50-75% recycled content and our standard glass contains 25-30% recycled content. 

In addition, we have achieved Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Chain-of-Custody certification and can provide FSC-certified wood for many of our products.

Project Assistance
At Kolbe, we're committed to doing our utmost to assist you with every aspect of planning for your educational project. Perhaps you need help writing or reviewing specifications, need window drawings, or other details specific to your project.

We have a LEED Green Associate on-staff and other technical specialists to assist you. Our vast network of distributors can help with many aspects of your project. Our website offers CAD drawings, 3D drawings, and CSI specifications, ensuring that the information you need is at your fingertips. We also offer AIA continuing education courses. 

If you do not find an answer to your question, please contact us, consult with your dealer, or contact your Kolbe regional manager.

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