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Energy Efficiency for Nearly Any Climate

The Wild Turkey Distillery relied on Ultra Series beveled direct set windows to display the Kentucky countryside. Learn more about this project.

  • The Wild Turkey Distillery relied on Ultra Series beveled direct set windows to display the Kentucky countryside. <a href="">Learn more</a> about this project.
  • Jesse Lizer, AIA, relied on window sizes, glass types and placement to achieve energy efficiency in this home. <a href="">Learn more</a> about this project.
  • Rectangular and segment head Heritage Series casements offered the energy efficiency needed for this Canadian home.
  • Ultra Series windows and doors were chosen for this adobe home. LoE²-240 solar control glass was used so the reflective solar properties would help manage unwanted heat gain, tone down the glare and preserve the clarity of view. <a href="">Learn more</a> about this project.
  • Ultra Series casements, patio doors and a garden window were chosen for this Texas home.  Each unit was glazed with LoE²-240 solar control glass, which helps manage unwanted heat gain and tones down the sun\'s glare. <a href="">Learn more</a> about this project.
  • AIA Architect Peter Pfeiffer\'s Austin home features over 50 Heritage Series wood windows - including double hungs, single hungs, awnings, transoms, and casements. Properly installed, quality windows are a big factor in minimizing energy loss from unwanted warm air infiltration. <a href="">More photos</a>
  • This home\'s design included venting windows that help further reduce the energy required to cool this home, while also providing the benefits of ample daylight and good air circulation. <a href="">More photos</a>
  • The Green Builder® VISION House was constructed using Ultra Series windows and doors.  Helping lower energy consumption and costs, the windows reflect unwanted solar heat in the summer and retain desired heat during cooler months. <a href="">Learn more</a> about this project.
  • This Denver home features energy-efficient Ultra Series windows & doors. The LoE²-270 glass enables the windows to meet or exceed ENERGY STAR guidelines in most U.S. climate zones. <a href="">Learn more</a> about this project.
  • Energy-efficient, LoE²-270 double-pane insulating glass units are standard in Ultra Series windows, and will allow maximum visible light to enter, while blocking 86% of the sun\'s harmful ultraviolet rays. <a href="">Learn more</a> about this project.
  • This lake home project on Pearl Lake near Traverse City, Michigan showcases 82 Kolbe-crafted windows & doors.  Our Ultra Series products helped this project earn a Michigan ENERGY STAR grant. <a href="">Learn more</a> about this project.
  • The builder specified Kolbe products both for their aesthetic match and their energy efficiency track record.  The builder noted, "...the superior ratings of Kolbe\'s products means homeowners can enjoy the views without thinking that their dollars are flying out the windows – or the doors." <a href="">Learn more</a> about this project.

Energy Efficiency Depends on Glass Features, Coating Options, Construction & Testing

  • A wide variety of glass features help Kolbe achieve high energy efficiency on its products, such as double and triple pane glass, LoE coatings, argon gas, ThermaPlus glass and more.
  • Identifying energy efficiency ratings for windows and doors depends on independent testing done through the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC). This testing helps determine measurements such as U-factor, solar heat gain (SHGC), visible transmittance (VT), and condensation resistance (CR). To learn what these ratings mean, visit the Efficient Windows Collaborative (ERC) website.
  • ENERGY STAR® is a government program that relies on NFRC ratings to determine products that are especially energy efficient, and allows manufacturers to label those products. Many Kolbe products meet or exceed ENERGY STAR guidelines in most climate zones. Learn more about climate zones & criteria per 2016 ENERGY STAR criteria.

At Kolbe, we use the latest innovations in LoE technologies in various combinations, so we are able to offer glass that is best suited to any climate. Most of our products are glazed as standard with double pane, insulating glass units with LoE coating(s), argon gas, and a Thermo-Edge stainless steel spacer bar system. These elements provide great thermal performance as well as excellent UV protection. We also offer LoE glass coatings that help minimize solar heat gain in very warm climates. Many Kolbe products meet or exceed ENERGY STAR guidelines in most climate zones. For even better energy performance, several products include triple pane glass as standard, and as an option on even more products.

Several of Kolbe's products have met the most rigorous standards set by ENERGY STAR. For this reason, they have been designated as among ENERGY STAR's Most Efficient for 2016. Learn more about this designation and the products that meet it on our What's New page.

Due to high quality standards, many Kolbe products also meet performance levels required for green building, sustainable design, and passive house design protocols.

For example, PHIUS (Passive House Institute US) reviews manufacturer-supplied specifications for window products and recommends products that are suitable for passive house projects by climate zone. VistaLuxe® Collection and Ultra Series casement, awnings, and other products with specific options have been PHIUS verified. Learn more about the PHIUS Certified Data for Windows program, as well a Kolbe's PHIUS-verified products on our What's New page.

Finally, for windows and doors to provide optimal energy efficiency, they must be flashed, caulked and sealed properly at the time of installation. All of our products are shipped with detailed installation instructions, which emphasize the importance of these final steps to the builder. Once properly installed, the energy efficient technology built into Kolbe products will further ensure your design project provides all the benefits of a healthy and comfortable living or working environment.

Locate the product(s) that meet the energy ratings you need by using our energy database:

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