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Historical Design Building Projects

The Chanler at Cliff Walk has a vibrant history, including renovation that included Kolbe impact windows and doors.

  • The Chanler at Cliff Walk has a vibrant history, including renovation that included Kolbe impact windows and doors.
  • A total of 530 Kolbe impact certified windows and 123 doors were matched to the historical design of Ocean House.
  • Founded in 1967, The Lab School of Washington serves children and adults with learning disabilities.  The architect, Bowie Gridley Architects, P.L.L.C., used Kolbe double hung replacement sash kits for the renovation in 1998.
  • Built in 1927, the Grand Theater originally played silent movies. When the old double hungs needed to be replaced, Kolbe supplied Heritage Series Old World Classic double hungs. They offer historical charm and nearly effortless operation.
  • Westhampton Free Library is new construction built to mirror the past, as well as offer K-Force impact protection. It features Ultra Series Crank-Out Casements, Awnings & Sterling Double Hungs.
  • The Orleans Hotel historic renovation in Sacramento features Heritage Series outswing entrance doors and Sterling double hungs with 1-1/8" PDL bars. The exteriors have K-Kron II finish in truffle. <a href=>Learn more</a> about this project.
  • The old windows (left) are being replaced with Ultra Series Sterling double hungs (right) with 3-1/2" mitered flat casing with a backband, historic 2x2 sill nosing, and PDL with 7/8" wide bars. <a href=../gallery/index.cfm?pcID=5&pID=31&projectCategoryID=14&pI=46>more</a>
  • Originally built in 1939 to house the growing suburban population of Washington, D.C., Westover Place is a seven-acre, garden-style townhouse community that has undergone substantial renovation.  Kolbe\'s Latitude Series windows were chosen for the 153-unit project. <a href=>Learn more</a> about this project.
  • Kolbe windows were a key element in rejuvenating the historic Camden Station landmark in Baltimore.  Gracing the main entrance are tall custom "bull\'s eye" windows - paired arches topped by a circle with delicate muntin bars.
  • Built in 1901, this brick structure once housed the power supply for the Denver trolley system.  After the power plant closed, it served as a warehouse and later a museum.  Great efforts were made to revitalize this historic site into a vital commercial enterprise.  Kolbe replicated all the windows for this project, many with custom grille patterns.
  • Huge triple hung windows at the University of Virginia, Monroe Hall, topped by half-circle radius windows.
  • This building was vacant for nearly 20 years. When the site was revitalized, the plan included custom half-circle-top double hungs and various other Kolbe windows. A unique two-tone color scheme was incorporated, with frames a custom blue color and sash a camel color. The building now houses the Tivoli Student Union in Denver. <a href=>Learn more</a> about this project.

Kolbe Products for Historical Construction Projects:

  • High end windows and doors with attention to the intricate details
  • Products designed to provide traditional design aesthetics, ease of operation and optimal energy efficiency
  • Numerous options to further restore the beauty of your project, including custom wood species, historical casing, and numerous divided lite possibilities

Kolbe windows and doors can help bring a historic building back to a state of beauty.  Our products start with the finest materials and are crafted with the utmost attention to detail.  We're known worldwide for our custom capabilities and have worked with many architects to build unique windows and doors.  If your project involves historic renovation, Kolbe can replicate the most intricate detail.

Kolbe's Old World Classic double hung is the perfect window for historic renovation.  A brass pully system, complete with solid brass chains and alloyed weights, allows this unit to operate with incredible ease, due to the proportionate balance between the sash and weights.  These units are custom-built for each project and are available in numerous wood species.

The Ogee Direct Set window was designed with the same traditional details that adorned commercial storefronts of the past, but with all the latest technology to make it perfect for today's restoration projects.  The ogee profile is integrated directly into the heavy-duty extruded aluminum frame - adding a new dimension to a window that is built with great strength.

Kolbe's Sterling double hung window is designed with traditional aesthetics and easy of operation in mind.  The jambliners and block-and-tackle balances that help the window operate are completely concealed, providing a smooth interior and exterior appearance.

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