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Energy Ratings per 2010 ENERGY STAR Criteria

This database provides ratings for Kolbe products per 2010 ENERGY STAR® criteria (i.e. the products were manufactured between 2010 and December 31, 2014).

If manufactured January 1, 2015 or later, search Kolbe products per 2015 ENERGY STAR criteria

Tax Credit info through tax year 2014:

Find Energy Ratings for Kolbe Products (ENERGY STAR 2010 Criteria)

To ensure quick and accurate results, please read the Search Tips before starting a search. Energy data is also available on product detail pages with the data already filtered to match the product.
Learn how from a video.

NOTE ABOUT SEARCH RESULTS: You can re-sort the data results by clicking on most column headers.

Information about Kolbe Teutonic® Series products is available at

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